WSHVGen v1.0 
Windows Scripting Host Virus Generator by Bumblebee/[Hail and Kill] What is WSH?

WSH is the Microsoft's new idea about scripting Technologies:

The Microsoft® Windows® operating system Scripting Host is a language-independent scripting host for ActiveX™ scripting engines on 32-bit Windows platforms. Windows Scripting Host will be integrated into Windows 98, Windows NT® Workstation operating system version 5.0, and Windows NT Server version 5.0.

Both Microsoft Visual Basic® development system Scripting Edition (VBScript) and Microsoft JScript™ development system scripting engines are provided with Windows Scripting Host. Other software companies will provide ActiveX scripting engines for languages such as Perl, TCL, REXX, Python, and others. Windows Scripting Host can be run from either the Windows-based host (Wscript.exe), or the command-shell-based host (Cscript.exe).

Under Windows '95 you need to install it, but Windows '98 includes it by default.

What is WSHVGen?

WSHVGen is a small script generator -this version only for VBS- that allows you to make simple viruses that work in WSH. You need a net-browser that supports javascript to use it.

WSHVGen is easy to use: Fill the following form to generate a new script. Note than Infection Sign must include only:- @ · # $ % | ª º ç ¦ * like symbols. Click on Values button for an example.
The generated virus infects all VBS files in current directory. If not infects at least one file, then shows a payload (a popup message). Too simple, just to learn.

This html document and his jscript code are distributed under the GPL. Please send comments to:

There is in the web the: Windows® Script Host Programmer's Reference. Search for it in Microsoft site.

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